Research on Autism Spectrum Disorder

January 9, 2011



What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism can manifest itself in various ways, autism patients can have very different symptoms, one to the next.  Health care providers consider autism a spectrum disorder, which is defined as a group of disorders with similar manifestations. One person can have autism, but exhibit only very mild symptoms, while another may have autism but exhibit more severe symptoms.  Yet both patients, whether displaying mild or severe symptoms, are affected by autism spectrum disorder.

The Quantum Health Research Institute has been doing research into autism spectrum disorder, specifically testing the effectiveness of stable water clusters,  to determine whether or not stable water clusters have any effect on autism spectrum disorder. Results have been intriguing to say the least….

Subjects were first scanned with thermal imaging equipment prior to drinking an 8-oz. glass of Double Helix Water.  Next, they drank the 8-oz. glass of  Double Helix Water. New thermal images were taken 30 minutes after the ingestion of Double Helix Water to establish if any change had occurred. The results can be seen in the video above.

Thermal images should be read as follows: white is hottest, next in line is red, and graduating down to green. Green is generally interpreted as showing a “healthy” or optimum temperature for the human body. These images and the results they show are typical of the hundreds of experiments that have been conducted on stable water clusters and their effect on general health.

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